Tonight we watch it together at home. What a coupe de theatre…

Marianna, Jacopo and Mario


Caterina (oh oh oh)

She’s an amazing actress, with a good eye on the shoes. But above all she’s a dear friend from the school days I couldn’t be more happy to meet again in Milan about 15 years since the last time.


Caterina Carpio, actress and writer, in her Massimo Giussani bicolor Oxford shoes.

Girls on the stairs

Me and my friend Valentina, we met at our usual place, Vogue’s balcony smoking a cigarette and, guess what?, we’re perfectly matched with men style shoes, socks and pants in stripes and squares. Aren’t we cool?


Left, me in Voile Blanche black patent leather shoes and H&M socks and pants; Right, Valentina Serra in… ops, I forgot to ask her what she’s wearing!

Wedding Bells No. 5 – S&F

Susanna knows how to survive her wedding party.
So she has some flats to dance all night with her brand new husband Federico, (aka Über).



Susanna Cremonesi in her wedding shoes during the ceremony and later at the party in Repetto made to measure, the same colour of the wedding tables.

Yummy Mummies

Al corso preparto ho conosciuto 13 nuovi paia di piedi. Che ora sono 26 Myfootnoters.
Eccone alcuni. Rigorosamente autoritratti.

During the prenatal course I met 13 brand new pair of feet. And now they are 26 Myfootnoters.
Here are some of them. Strictly self-portrait.


Daniela M. e Beatrice


Daniela F. e Filippo, aka Gugu


Valentina e Giulia


Sonia P. e Lorenzo


Carla e Lorenzo

Indian Summer

Non mi ricordo un autunno più caldo a Milano. Giulia e Cami prendono molto sul serio questo fatto dell’Indian.

The hottest autumn in Milan, ever. Giulia e Cami are seriously Indian.


Giulia Vrespa, designer



Camilla Dell'Olio