Girls on the stairs

Me and my friend Valentina, we met at our usual place, Vogue’s balcony smoking a cigarette and, guess what?, we’re perfectly matched with men style shoes, socks and pants in stripes and squares. Aren’t we cool?


Left, me in Voile Blanche black patent leather shoes and H&M socks and pants; Right, Valentina Serra in… ops, I forgot to ask her what she’s wearing!


Vogue Italia No.2

Un altro giro.

Around, again.

Fabio Messana, in vintage De Fonseca


Paola Biassoni, adv, Vogue Italia

Elisabetta Barracchia, in Stubbs & Wotton

Alice Furnari,, in Miu Miu

Barbara Amadasi, in Converse, and little miss Bianca Russo


"Lo chiamavano Trinità", Sergio Maggio, l'Uomo Vogue, looks like a young Terence Hill.

Men at work

Beniamino mi fa notare che ha gli stessi pantaloni dell’altra foto che gli ho fatto.
Anche Giulio ha le espadrillas.
Max non si accorge che sto scattando le sue scarpe sul balcolcino.

Beniamino remarks that he’s wearing the same pants he had in the other photo I took him.
Giulio wears espadrillas too.
Max doesn’t notice I’m shooting his shoes on the balcony.

Beniamino Marini,, con espadrillas Castaner

Giulio Martinelli, fashion editor, Vogue Italia

Max Sortino,