Funny girl

She loves (and sings like) Barbara Streisand, she’s a brilliant woman and amazing actress.
Oh, and she was born my same day, month and year.
So if you want to know who she is, find out when my birthday is…
Or continue reading below her feet-portraits!


She’s the italian actress Chiara Francini playing a diva in an amazing photo shoot in Milan. I was there to interview her, of course.
On Saturday October 11th, 2013. You can read the whole story in Grazia Italia Magazine (N. 07 2014) published today, thursday the 6th of February 2013




While waiting for a beauty session at Dolce&Gabbana counter, I meet Mario Teli, a photographer who wills to play with shoes (Voile Blanche), bags (Paul Smith) and pictures (Polaroid).
So here we are.
The Polaroids are Mario Teli’s, the iPhone snapshots are mine.





Piove, e quando piove è meglio riparare in un negozio a fare shopping.
Questa sono io da SpigaDue con un abito giallo di Msgm e delle super platform di Dolce & Gabbana.

It rains, and when it does better for you to find a cozy cool and warm place and do some shopping.
That’s me @SpigaDue wearing a yellow gown by Msgm and a uber-platform by Dolce & Gabbana.