Una finestra tra le stelle

She’s a spicy redhead with an unique voice. She’s got a degree in physics and loves swimming. 

I met her in a cold winter morning, shooting in a cold velvet theatre in Milan.

Read what she told me on http://m.grazia.it/magazine/interviste/Annalisa-Scarrone-E-ora-cerco-la-felicita

Singer Annalisa Scarrone in Aquazzurra shoes. Milan, Teatro Franco Parenti


Hey Mr. Dj

Amazing interview for Grazia Italia magazine. Right inside Radio Deejay.
Let me introduce you Mr. Albertino and his cute teen daughter Giulia.

Left, Albertino in New Balance, right, Giulia in Bruno Bordese. It’s amazing when your daddy loves shoes!

Full of Grazia

Milan, June 10th 2014.
Pool party @Ceresio7 restaurant for the launch of the Grand Marnier-Grazia cocktail.
The redazione having fun with glamorous guests in the most amazing Milanese sunset on the rooftop.
Aperitivo is a many splendor thing…

Me, side of the pool, and Grand Marnier’s Grazia cocktail in an amazing red boule.

From the green loafers and then clockwise, the beautiful shoes of Grazia Italia team. Federico Melegaro, photo editor; Alessia Ercolini, features editor; Elsa Bonfiglio, fashion editor; Daniela Losini, beauty editor; and then me.