Caterina (oh oh oh)

She’s an amazing actress, with a good eye on the shoes. But above all she’s a dear friend from the school days I couldn’t be more happy to meet again in Milan about 15 years since the last time.


Caterina Carpio, actress and writer, in her Massimo Giussani bicolor Oxford shoes.


Full of Grazia

Milan, June 10th 2014.
Pool party @Ceresio7 restaurant for the launch of the Grand Marnier-Grazia cocktail.
The redazione having fun with glamorous guests in the most amazing Milanese sunset on the rooftop.
Aperitivo is a many splendor thing…

Me, side of the pool, and Grand Marnier’s Grazia cocktail in an amazing red boule.

From the green loafers and then clockwise, the beautiful shoes of Grazia Italia team. Federico Melegaro, photo editor; Alessia Ercolini, features editor; Elsa Bonfiglio, fashion editor; Daniela Losini, beauty editor; and then me.

Funny girl

She loves (and sings like) Barbara Streisand, she’s a brilliant woman and amazing actress.
Oh, and she was born my same day, month and year.
So if you want to know who she is, find out when my birthday is…
Or continue reading below her feet-portraits!


She’s the italian actress Chiara Francini playing a diva in an amazing photo shoot in Milan. I was there to interview her, of course.
On Saturday October 11th, 2013. You can read the whole story in Grazia Italia Magazine (N. 07 2014) published today, thursday the 6th of February 2013



07/07/2011, Milano. Press launch (e lunch) per la nuova fragranza maschile di Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums: “Attimo”, nei negozi dal prossimo settembre.
Alesandro Gassman è alto.

07/07/2011, Milano. Press launch (&lunch) for the new fragrance for men by Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums: “Attimo”, in the shops from next september.
Alessandro Gassman è alto.

Showroom Salvatore Ferragamo, Milano: La versione gigante della mitica e storica Zeppa Arcobaleno. Così grande che ci si può sedere sopra. Così grande che non è entrata tutta nell'inquadratura - The giant version of the mythological and historical Rainbow Wedge. So big you can sit on it. So big it didn't fit the frame shot.

Alessandro Gassman, attore e testimonial di Attimo, nuova fragranza maschile di Salvatore Ferragamo; Alessandro Gassman, actor and testimonial for Attimo, the new fragrance for man by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Ingy Yousri, PR & Press @Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums

Cristina Gallo, PR manager @Magna Pars, Milano

Da sinistra, from left: Ingy Yousri, Domitilla Caratti, Alessandro Gassman, Laura Pecora, Cristina Gallo


Showroom Salvatore Ferragamo, Milano; Marilyn Monroe on a poster.

D.A.T.E on a night train

Non sono solo le donne quelle fissate con le scarpe. Per esempio, sul treno notturno da Milano a Parigi, ho incontrato Luca M., che non ha voluto dirmi il suo cognome completo, ma che mi ha confessato di avere un guardaroba pieno di sneakers. Non riesce a smettere di comprarle.

Not only women are obsessed by shoes. In the night train from Milan to Paris I met Luca M., who did not tell his complete last name, but confessed his closet is fulfilled of sneakers. He can’t stop buying them.



Oggi mi ci metto anche io.
Oggi ho comprato un (altro) paio di scarpe.
Dal Spelta, in via Belfiore, a Milano.
Un po’ wannabe Louboutin p/e 2008.
Ma costano un quinto. E stanno benissimo col vestito vintage che metterò al matrimonio di Enrica. E di Costanza. E di Eleonora. E di Marianna. Che per fortuna non si conoscono tra loro.

Today I’m in too.
Today I’ve bought a(nother) pair of shoes.
At Spelta shoe shop, in Via Belfiore, Milan.
A bit wannabe Louboutin s/s 2008.
But they’re 20% the price. And they match perfectly with my vintage gown I’m goingo to wear for Enrica’s wedding. And Costanza’s. And Eleonora’s. And Marianna’s. Who fortunately don’t know each other.

Me, in my brand new Spelta slingback satin stilettos.