Freida loves Ferragamo

Another post about Ferragamo. We shot the amazing actress Freida Pinto after the f/w fashion show in Milan. And then, the interview: you’ll read it on Grazia Magazine on March 12th. Find out what Freida told me about the Leslie Unween documentary #indiasdaughter. Once again, I do really love my job.

Actress Freida Pinto in Ferragamo pumps. Milan, March 1st 2015. Palazzo Mezzanotte.


Una finestra tra le stelle

She’s a spicy redhead with an unique voice. She’s got a degree in physics and loves swimming. 

I met her in a cold winter morning, shooting in a cold velvet theatre in Milan.

Read what she told me on

Singer Annalisa Scarrone in Aquazzurra shoes. Milan, Teatro Franco Parenti

Silver boots

Once I asked him about his über-cool boots, and now i’ve got the coolest ever. Please meet my George Esquivel’s Silver booties.
And meet again mr. George in Milan. We had fun chatting and fitting all his fabulous s/s 14.

Me, that’s it

George Esquivel in his shoes in Milan

A fashion buyer fitting Esquivel s/s 2014 women’s shoes


He’s the man who has in charge my super SUPER cool haircut. And also my husband’s, my daughter’s, my brother’s and of a bunch of dear friends.
Mine, anyway, is the coolest (and most f***able!).
The artist formally known as Alessandro Comai.


Alessandro Comai , hair stylist @Orea Malià, in Le Coque Sportif, Milan, September 27th 2013

Bon ton

La prima persona che mi cede il posto perché incinta è un delizioso adolescente con le cuffie e una felpa della Playstation. E ai piedi le Adidas.

The first one who leaves me his seat on the metro because I’m pregnant is a delightful teenager with headphones, a Paystation jumpsuit and Adidas on his feet.


Class action

Pantaloni arrotolati, calzini cool e nappine sulle scarpe.
Si vede che sono donne molto art department…

Rolled up pants, cool socks and little tassels on the shoes.
It’s crystal clear these girls are from the art department.


From left: Laura Marino, Giovanna Borroni, Vogue Italia art department, shot into the elevator of the Condé-Nast Italia building, Milan.

Blue Mood

Elena sta consegnando il foglio del censimento; lavora in Adidas, ed è molto fiera delle sue SL72.
Le Converse le rubo nei camerini di Gap, e non mi ricordo come si chiama la ragazza che le indossa.

Elena is at the Censimento offices; she works for Adidas, and is proud of her SL72 shoes.
I steal the Converse in the locker rooms of Gap, but I don’t remember the girl’s name.



London, Texas

Pomeriggio tra i libri di cucina.
Quello di Nigella Lawson, la superstar inglese.
E quello di Laurel Evans, la giovane americana in Italia.

Afternoon & cooking books.
Nigella Lawson’s, british cooking superstar.
And Laurel Evans’, the young american in Italy.


Nigella Lawson, cooking goddess, in Vivien Westwood. Milan, october 10th 2011, @showroom Arclinea, book signing of "Nigella Express".


Laurel Evans, cooking blogger and writer, in original Texas boots, october 10th 2011, @via G. Bugatti, book signing "La cucina Tex-Mex".