Girls on the stairs

Me and my friend Valentina, we met at our usual place, Vogue’s balcony smoking a cigarette and, guess what?, we’re perfectly matched with men style shoes, socks and pants in stripes and squares. Aren’t we cool?


Left, me in Voile Blanche black patent leather shoes and H&M socks and pants; Right, Valentina Serra in… ops, I forgot to ask her what she’s wearing!



Noi due ci sediamo sempre sulle scale antincendio del balconcino nella redazione di Vogue. Chiacchieriamo, fumiamo una sigaretta e commentiamo le pagine di gossip di Vanity Fair. Dovreste vederla, Valentina è uguale a Gwyneth Paltrow, ma con i capelli neri.

The two of us use to sit on the firestairs near the little balcony of Vogue’s offices. We chat, we have a cigarette, and we comment on the gossip pages of Vanity Fair. You should see her: Valentiana looks like Gwyneth Paltrow, but brunette.

Valentina Serra, fashion Editor, Vogue Italia, in L